Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Solo Granny Grate: Control the River

A quick solo test of the "homebrew rules" using a modified "Control the River" scenario from Neil Thomas'  One Hour Wargaming. The sides will dice for which goes first each turn, a modified solo card technique (similar to one found in Bob Cordery's The Portable Wargame) will be used for unit activation. Head toward your objectives (the 2 fords) as quickly as "practicable". Otherwise, "let the dice decide !" Joseph Morschauser in his HOW TO PLAY WAR GAMES IN MINIATURE  (1962).
**Remember to enlarge the photo by clicking on it if you wish to follow the battle mechanics better ! **

The board (painted foam board) is 9 X 9 squares (1 1/4" squares) which allows for a further division of the board into left, center and right zones for optional rules for solo play. Red is on North side of board. Blue the south side.

 Turn #1  Blue army activates 2 light cavalry and a light infantry. Red activates 2 light cavalry.

 #2 Red light cavalries occupy both fords. Blue light cavalry and infantry challenge with erratic                                                                                       fire.

 #3 Blue brings on the remainder of its forces. Red fire misses as only 2 units receive orders.

 #4 Blue's light cavalry at both fords takes casualties in close combat. Red lt. cavalry pushes Blue back from the East ford (left on photo). All Red's forces (regular infantry) arrives on battlefield.

#5 Red's light cavalry destroys Blue's light cavalry in close combat at East ford (right side of photo). Blue army tries to reform at the West ford (right side of photo).

 #6 Red's light cavalry forced away from East ford (left) and light infantry retreats into woods at West ford (right). Red's "Stoneford" light cavalry destroys Blues light cavalry at the West ford (left).

 #7 Amidst the chaos only 2 Red units receive orders, however Regular infantry occupy the West ford. Blue misses with musket fire at both fords.

 #8 With activation decks reshuffled and due to Blue's casualties it has its deck lowered, only 1 unit receives orders. While taking casualties, Red's regular infantry destroys Blue's forces at West ford (right)

 #9 Red's regular infantry crosses at East ford (right) threatening Blue's flank. Blue's musket fire is ineffective.

#10 Blues fire is ineffective and no one is eager to engage in close combat at West ford (right). Red has difficulty in getting orders to its units.

 Turn #11 ineffective fire from Red's troops. Blue inflicts casualties on the advancing Red regulars on Blue's left flank.

Turn #12 Both armies suffer ineffective fire at the West ford.

 Turn #13 Blue loses another unit to Red's "Stoneford" light cavalry. Blue's retreat begins.

                                            Red's army controls both fords and the River.

Order of Battle: both sides had 2 light cavalry, 2 regular infantry and 2 light infantry.

Bases were 1" square, 3mm from LITKO.

My feedback: need to rethink  handling retreat distances and also activation consequences, but a fun and interesting time with Granny Grate armies on a portable board with my simple "homebrew rules". An hour well spent !

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