Thursday, March 14, 2019

Battle of Breitenfeld (1631) 30 Years War

                                         Imperialists                                            Swedes

   Our scenario is the Battle of Breitenfeld (1631)  using paper soldiers from  the Junior General website .

                         Imperial initial artillery, 3 hits          Swedish artillery opens with 3 hits also

                                               Imperial cavalry is destroyed on both flanks

                                        Tilly's Imperial Tercios face the advancing Swedes
                        The Imperial Tercio in the center is destroyed. Divide and conquer.

                                             A victory for King Gustavus Adolphus !

And no one was thrown out a window.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Rebels & Patriots at Lament Ridge

We used Frank's AWI/Rev War Paper Armies on a 2 foot by 2 foot board using Osprey's Rebels and Patriots rules.

 The British Grenadiers hesitate to enter the battle
 British commander and line troops seize the high ground and Lights hold the road.
 Game ended with a sudden rain storm

                                  British commander claims his increased honor

A fun and easy to learn set of rules for Black Powder era.   

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Quatre Bras

Adapting the Quatre Bras scenario and rules from the Junior General website using the 1998 (kneeling shakos) Risk armies (No Paint Armies).

Looking South as the French approach

Allies deploy 
French and Allied reinforces arrive with little delay
The Prince of Orange pushes forward in the Center before withdrawing
Brunswickers and British hold on their left flank 
Brunswickers hold firm on left while Allied artillery destroys the French center 
Marshal "I'm" Ney fails to gain the cross roads at Quatre Bras. An Allied victory. 

The French failure to make morale checks before charging proved to be their downfall while the Allied artillery consistently hit their targets with withering fire.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Battle of Quatre Jambes with Hair Roller Armies and Portable Napoleonics

Nothing like inclement weather to provide an excuse to return to gaming with the Hair Roller Armies (HRA). This time I will be using the "Division rules" in The Portable Napoleonic Wargame by Bob Cordery and testing the efficiency of my Quick Reference Sheets (QRS).

                                       French forces                                             British

                                                    The Battle of Quatre Jambes

The British: General Cordery Division comprised:

Colonel Crook’s Brigade (3 SPs)
 1st Infantry Regiment (4 SPs;  Average)
 2nd Infantry Regiment (4 SPs;  Average)

Colonel Alan’s Brigade (3 SPs)
 11th Infantry Regiment (3 SPs;  Poor)
 12th Infantry Regiment (3 SPs;  Poor)

1st Foot Artillery Battalion (2 SPs;  Average)
1st Hussar Regiment (2 SPs;  Poor)

General Cordery (6 SPs; Average)

The French: General Maxime’s reinforced Division comprised:

Colonel Etienne’s Brigade (3 SPs)
 21st French Infantry Regiment (5 SPs; Elite)
 22nd French Infantry Regiment (5 SPs; Elite)

Colonel Jule’s Brigade (3 SPs)
 23rd French Light Infantry Regiment (4 SPs;  Average)
 24th French Light Infantry Regiment (4 SPs;  Average)

Colonel Laurent’s Cavalry Brigade (3 SPs)
 11th French Chasseurs à cheval Regiment (3 SPs;  Average)
12th French Cuirassier Regiment (4 SPs;  Average)

2nd French Artillery Battalion (2 SPs; Average)

General Maxime (6 SPs; Good)

 The battle begins at noon. Both the British 12th and the French 23rd fail to activate on turn 1

   French Chasseurs and Cuirassiers under Laurent's command attack the British 1st Hussar on the French right flank. Crook's 1st forms square while his 2nd supports Alan's 12th on the road into Quatre Jambes. French elite infantry attempts to overwhelm the British 12th on the road.

The British Hussars and Crook's 1st push back the French heavy and light cavalry while the British infantry holds firm around the road.

And then on Turn 6. Allen's 12th and Crook's 2nd muskets hit true. The French 24th and 22nd are pushed back from withering musket fire and General Maxime is killed. Sa·cré bleu !

 The battle now becomes the French inability to get orders on their right flank. The French artillery deploys, but fails to fire and the cavalry awaits orders. Hidden British snipers appear to be taking out French messengers.

Alan's 11th Regiment is fortified in Quatre Jambes and the 1st foot artillery deploys and controls the road intersection.

The British hold their left flank secure with Crook's 1st in square and the 1st Hussar and the failure of the French to rally and get orders to their left flank. General Cordery joins Colonel Alan's fortified troops in Quatre Jambes.  Night descends with a fierce thunderstorm on Turn 10. The French troops withdraw.

The Portable Napoleonic Wargame by Bob Cordery is available as an ebook (PDF)  here or here.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

The Battle of Twee Heuvels with Hair Roller Armies

When I heard that Bob Cordery's  Portable Wargame system was adding rules for the Napoleonic age, I thought what a great opportunity to get  my hair roller armies out of storage and give the rules a test drive. Last week, The Portable Napoleonic Wargame rules were released and then it snowed 8-)

I decided to adapt my 9 X 8 squares board to play the "Big Battle" rules (there are 3 levels of rules). And, while I really like Bob's new approach to figure basing (any new Napoleonic armies I assemble will use his approach), using the hair roller army (HRA) bases would require a tweak or two. The new rules should work fine, my challenge was how to shoe horn my hair roller armies into them. Each HRA base will be a division. I will use dice rolls to determine if orders are received , rather than card activation. Also will try the new tables for wounded commanders.

Enough talking, let's begin …

2 French and 2 Allied divisions fail to activate on Turn 1

                         Dutch-Belgian Artillery unlimbers on hill northeast of the farmhouse.
Dutch-Belgian Artillery fires and hits causing a loss of a Strength Point to the French 4th division, but causes no injury to sub commander de Marbot

                                   Looking Northwest at the farmhouse occupied by the Allies.

 Artillery both miss

The French prepare to retreat from Twee Heuvels as they are outflanked by the 2nd Anglo-Brunswick Division with the King's German Legion. 

The French downfall was taking 6 turns to get all its forces into the battle. French Marshall Gerard had great difficulty communicating with his sub commanders, especially General Coignet's 6th division. The Allies gained control of the battlefield by having the Dutch-Belgian Artillery on the heights Northeast of the farm and withstanding counter battery fire from the French. 

Trying to use the Hair Roller Armies in this scenario and with the "Bigger Battle" rules was like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. I will attempt this next time using the Division rules. The problem was NOT the rules, but how my HRA are organized and the tweaks  required complicated play, requiring too much bookkeeping for my taste. Lessons learned. 

The Portable Napoleonic Wargame by Bob Cordery is available as an ebook (PDF) for $5.50 (with tax) here or here.