Thursday, September 13, 2018

Something's Brewing... trouble, Trouble Brewing

Something's Brewing... trouble, Trouble Brewing...
                                                     Sorry, I couldn't resist the segue.  

What happened ?!? It began when the leader of the Red Bearded Dwarves imposed a tariff on White Beard Ale and then the White Beard leader reciprocated with a tariff on Red Beard Ale, and the pubs and brewing houses erupted. After 680 years of peace, the Red and White Bearded Dwarves, with their gnome allies, were at war, again.  It's "the Battle of the Boots of Malark", part 2.  

                                                            Old school tape measure 8-)

                    Remembering Gary (sorry it's not a sand table) and the "big guy" from Rockford

The figures are 25mm Minifig Dungeon & Dragons (tm) Dwarves painted with Humbrol paints 40 years ago for The first Battle of the Boots of Malark. This month, 50 years ago, I began gaming with Frank. It started with playing Bridge, Chess and Go. I have been blessed to have such a great friend, who shared my interest in gaming . And, this night's battle was as much fun and as dramatic as any throughout the decades. Thanks Frank ! 

 Red bearded dwarves (top) quickly seize the high ground around "the Boots"

 RB Dwarves take heavy casualties from WBD's crossbow fire

 The struggle for the high ground

                                              The gnomes are the first to engage in the center.

 Bolt, arrow and stone fire continues on the slopes 

 The bloody main battle is joined

 The WB dwarves armed with Battle Axes turn the tide in the center
 WB Dwarves reform and the reserves are committed

 Despite heavy losses the RB Dwarves continue to fight inflicting heavy damage.
                      Down to their last stand, the Red Bearded Dwarves finally concede defeat.

                                    "Nothing except a battle lost can be half as melancholy as a battle won."

                                                        A night to revisit old friends.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

No Paint Navies with Granny Grate

Frank, my long time friend & gaming opponent developed this concept with some "homebrew" rules, which we took for a test sail.

 Game accessories
 The first long range hit on a Blue Man O'War

     The Blue Admiral is separated from his fleet and then the wind shifts keeping him isolated
 A Blue ship is sunk by a Red frigate.

                                           The final Blue frigate is captured by a Red captain.

A fun evening playtesting a new set of rules and a new genre for Granny Grate.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Picts (SFW) versus Middle Anglo-Saxons: Northumbria using Triumph! rules

                                                          The Pict's of King Drest. 15mm Essex Miniatures

                   King Osric's Middle Anglo-Saxon: Northumbrians. 15mm Blue Moon Miniatures
 The Pict's (bottom) advance on their right flank.
 The Anglo-Saxons: Northumbrians (top) advance on their right flank 
                                                 King Drest moves forward with his Javelin cavalry
                                                    Pict light spears take the hill on their left flank.

 The battle is joined in the center
 The "blue butted" Pict skirmishers hold their ground versus the Northumbrian Warriors.
 the Northumbrian King Osric falls in the center.
 Without their leader the Anglo Saxons are confused and orders fail to be carried out.
 Northumbrian heavy foot are flanked and destroyed.
 Pictish Skirmishers and light spear are destroyed on their left flank.

 the Northumbrians continue to suffer a loss of control and units, without their leader.

 However, the brave Anglo-Saxon Northumbrian heavy foot avoid elimination for 2 turns
                 Without the command of Osric, the Northumbrians are defeated by the Picts.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Barbarian Final

Alaric I and his Tervingi or Early Visigoths face off against the Great Khan and his Tribal Mongolians. The rules are Triumph! and the battle will take place on a 2 foot by 2 foot open grassland board.

 The Visigoths are on the top and the Mongols on the bottom
 The Mongol Horse bow take on the Visigoth warriors on the right
 The Visigoth skirmishers are the first casualty to the Mongol's Horse bow

 Visigoth Knights attempt to reinforce their left flank, while their warriors advance in the center 
 The Mongol Horse bow are driven off on the right
 The Mongols reorganize on their left and center
 Visigoth warriors unit defeated in the center, but drive off the Mongol Horse bow on their left flank
 Mongolian Horse bow attempt to outflank the Visigoth Knights
 Visigoths once again drive off the pesky Mongol Horse bows
 Visigoths lose another warrior unit, but the Mongols lose an Elite Cavalry 
 The Mogol Horse bow turn the Visigoth (top) right flank
 Alaric drives off the Great Khan
 Mongol attempts to roll up the Visigoth right flank
 Alaric once again drives off the Mongol leader
 Another Visigoth Warrior unit is lost
                                                                  Visigoth Casulties

The Mongols defeat the Early Visigoths, 18 to 4 and seize the top Barbarian title .