Sunday, November 18, 2018

No Paint Armies: Fabi versus Magnus

A weekend experimenting with Bob Cordery's "Portable Wargame" rules for use in a Solo Imagi-Nations campaign with additional input from Kaptain Kobold's work with the "Portable Wargame" rules. Using No Paint Armies (2003 Risk armies: tricorn hats). To enlarge any photo, please click on it.

Troops from the Fabi Republic (white) engage troops from the Principality of Magnus (black) in a                                                              meeting engagement.

Flag of the Fabi Republic

  Flag of the Principality of Magnus
Both sides are equally matched. 2 units of light infantry with muskets, 2 regular infantry units with muskets, 1 field artillery unit, 1 light cavalry (muskets), 1 dragoon (muskets) and a mounted Commander. 

                               The prize: winning side gains access to heavy infantry in the future.

                      Turn 1: White issues 5 commands, while Black only issues 3 orders.

 Both artilleries hit each other causing both to retreat 
 White advances light infantry into the woods, and Black advances his light troops toward the woods.

 White's Commander and Dragoons advance on their right flank. Black advances regular muskets in                                                                                       center

 Blacks artillery takes damage from counter battery fire. 
 Black moves light cavalry into the woods supported by light infantry. Fighting erupts in woods, while White's cavalry and commander advance on their right flank.

                                           Black's artillery is destroyed by White's artillery.

                    Infantry clash in the Center and Dragoons fight to little affect on the flank.

 Battles continue across the battlefield.

                                    Black's dragoons are defeated but its Commander escapes.

     Black suffers numerous casualties in the woods and with a detached Commander withdraws from the battlefield.

                                       The Republic of Fabi defeats the Principality of Magnus.

Errata: bases were standard 40mm X 20 mm for infantry, 40mm X 30 mm for cavalry and 40mm squares for artillery.

Still need some work on adapting rules for Solo play. Looking at using a 18 inch square board with 2 inch squares (9 X 9) allowing for solo play with left flank, center, right flank options.

But, a fun way to spend a rest day for the World Chess Championship in London  8-)

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Paper Shogun

The battle of Sekigahara (1600 AD) using paper armies. The scenario and armies were courtesy of the Junior General website.
Eastern Army of Tokugawa Ieyasu on top of photo, Western Army of Ishida Mitsunari on bottom

 Western Army on the left and Eastern Army on right
 The Eastern Army of Tokugawa Ieyasu
 The Western Army of Ishida Mitsunari
 Kobayakawa Hideaki "possible traitor" decides which army he will join
 The battle commences
 On turn 4, Kobayakawa Hideaki joins the Eastern Army
 Ishida Mitsunari has early success on his right flank
 The Western Army inflicts heavy casualties on the traitor 
 But, pays a cost in the center
 The "Red Devils" of the Li Naomasa clan push the advantage in the center
Tokugawa Ieyasu and his Eastern Army claim a decisive victory.

 The paper armies were made with 28 weight paper and Scotch Clear Glue (2 way applicator) and secured to cardboard bases with hot glue. Unfortunately, the high cost of printer ink pushed the cost of these two armies to around $10.

Another fun game night with a new media and a new genre. The battle lasted 2 hours as both sides had horrendous die rolls.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Fantasy Granny Grate

Kobolds, orcs and Goblins... oh my !

 Experimental Pole arms and Spears
                                                                     Experimental bows

                                                   Main troops with and without shields

                                                                Experimental crossbows

Thursday, September 27, 2018

"The place of peace" in the "Hornet's Nest"

Tonight's game was Day 1 Shiloh using Battle Cry 150.

 Early action on the Confederacy's right flank
 The "Rebs" entrenched in the center, but feel the wrath of the Battlecry card.
A loss of generals and the Confederacy at Shiloh

An enjoyable evening spent with a Richard Borg design.  Unfortunately, with the high prices from speculators in the game marketplace, fewer and fewer folks will have the opportunity to play this  type of game.

Next up, my new Samurai paper armies.  Cost under $10.00