Tuesday, March 30, 2010

OoB, Battle of Kline's Bridge

Irish: 1 X 3Kn (lance)(Gen), 1 X 4Pike or 2LH, 2 X 4Pike, 4 X 4Shot, 1 X 3Blades (Scots), 2 X 2Psiloi, 1 X Art

Scots Covenanters: 1 X 3Knight (Gen), 1 X 3Cav, 1 X 3Cav or 3Dr or 2Psiloi, 2 X 4Pike, 4 X 4Shot, 2 X 3Blade, 1 X Art

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Battle at Kline's Bridge

Our ECW DBA-Hx battle of the week was dedicated to Doug Kline of Battlefield Terrain Concepts, our host at Cold Wars 2010.

Participants: Scots Covenanters (top edge of first 2 photos) versus Irish Confederate. Gordon's 92nd bagpipers provided the setup music and Cromwell was on the DVD player.

Bad die roll during artillery exchange results in the loss of the Scots Galloper gun.

Failure to destroy those pesky Irish Psiloi (Kern) distracts the Scots commander, while a series of low die roll limits Scots movement. And, the Scots-Irish Blades inflict heavy damage at Kline's Bridge, while the Irish gunner and Pikes hold the Scots cavalry at bay.

With their right flank turned and their center weakened, the Scots retreat North.

Post battle analysis: The Scots commander's new die (purchased at Cold Wars 2010) will be retired.

Great battle, great night.