Thursday, December 21, 2017

Making 6mm Granny grate/Needlepoint chariots

Using #7 Needlepoint plastic mesh (Granny grate) slice out the base and sides for the chariot. The wheels are made using paper punch on card stock. Instructions for crafting the horses and drivers can be found here.  Assemble with a Super glue gel or a mini glue gun.  Use #10 mesh if you want  2 or 3 mm chariots.  [Please click on photo to enlarge]

Thursday, December 14, 2017

the Portable Wargame- Ancients on a 6" X 6" playing board... maybe

Both armies fit into a small photo storage container

                                                  Oops the original concept just wasn't going to work

                    So a change to an 8" X 8" playing board looking at Alexander's Macedonians.

                                                      A view of Darius III and his Persians

                 The armies prepare for battle. Alexander's Macedonians closer (on bottom of photo)

Darius has red chip behind chariot, Alexander blue chip behind cavalry
Order of battle from  Developing the Portable Wargame- Ancients  by Bob Cordery.
I adapted them to 12 stands each, 1 less light infantry for Macedonians. 

Macedonians will activate first.
First arrows fired by the Macedonian lights... a miss
The Persians engage with their heavy cavalry focused on those light bowmen.
The blue and red die are the "to hit" die (need 5+), yellow & green die indicate take damage or retreat per the rules for the Portable Wargame. Red pipe cleaners indicate loss of Strength Points (each stand has 2 strength points per optional rules)

Macedonians issue orders first.
Macedonian light infantry that began the battle are destroyed by the Persian cavalry. Losses on both sides as the Persian lose a heavy infantry unit.
Darius III is killed as his chariots are destroyed by the Macedonian Phalangites and both sides lose units of light cavalry on the Macedonian left flank. 

Casulties mount

The Persians fight back inflicting casualties on Alexander's Companions, but Alexander lives

The Persians lose additional heavy infantry as Alexander leads a furious assault on their right flank.
With Darius III dead and most of their heavy infantry destroyed...
Another victory for Alexander the Great, but at significant cost.

I apologize for the quality of the photos, but that is still a work in progress for me. Nevertheless, it was a fun and very portable miniatures game.  

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

No Paint Armies Primer

   I am a 68 year old gamer. My eyesight, even with magnification, and hand aren't what they used to be. Painting armies is no longer a pleasant part of my gaming hobby (was it ever ? ). I am also retired, which makes me cautious with my finances. But, I remember back to when I started in this hobby, when 54mm figures were imported and conveniently primed with black and white primers. In fact, they were probably used more in that state then when they were finally beautifully painted. "Get them on the table and let's play."  Yes, I have a very nice collection of painted 15mm figures for AWI, ECW, ACW, and DBA/Triumph!, as well as 25mm fantasy armies and smaller scale WW2 and Modern. But, you know, I still want to die with the most toys 8-) I'm retired and a widower, so I have time to expand my hobby interests. Hence, No Paint Armies (NPA). [Remember photos can be enlarged by clicking on them]
     I recently found some new Needlepoint plastic mesh in Gunmetal, Silver, Gold and Copper. Still haven't found gray or olive mesh for my No Paint Armies.  How to cut Needlepoint plastic mesh figures.
     No Paint Armies can also be made from repurposed Risk (tm) replacement parts, which can be found inexpensively on Ebay, at Goodwill stores, yard sales, or second hand stores.

 Risk (tm) 2003 replacement parts (above). Blue, Red, White, Green, Yellow/Gold, Dark gray. Tricornes and flags.
Risk (tm)1998 Replacement parts (above). Black, Blue, Red, Gray, Yellow, Green. Shakos and kneeling infantry.

   Quick and easy Napoleonic No Paint Armies. Red (British), Blue (French), White/light Gray (Austrians), Green (Russians), Black/Dark Gray (Prussians), Yellow/Gold (German states).

                   Testing various mounting methods for use with The Portable Wargame rules set.

    The 1998 Risk (tm) figures are approximately 10 mm and the 2003 figures are approximately 15 mm, while the Needlepoint mesh armies are approximately 6 mm. Both sets of Risk (tm) figures contain 40 infantry, 12 cavalry, and 8 artillery figures per color.
     Cost comparison: A Needlepoint mesh army costs under $1.00, and the best I've done so far for a Risk (tm) replacement army is $1.34 with free shipping (but on average around $2.00).

                   Risk(tm) is a trademark of Hasbro. I remember who paid me royalties  8-) 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

NPA Triumph! at the Camel's House

The Battle of Gaugamela/Arbela using Triumph! rules and the No Paint Armies (NPA). Please click on the photos to enlarge.

 The earth shook as the armies approached. The gods were foretelling that this would be an unsettling battle for Alexander
 Darius chooses to challenge General Parmenion's cavalry with his skirmishers on the Macedonian left.
 Alexander only activates his forces in the center.
Alexander (purple/blue) defeats the Persian (red) spears on his right flank, while holding his position with his Companions. 
 Despite early losses, the Persians activate and fully engage in their center and right flank. 
The Persian's aggression is rewarded with the defeat of the Macedonian light foot (auxilia) by the Persian cavalry. The Macedonian right flank was threatened. Would Parmenion's cavalry hold ? However, as in history, Darius and his chariots evade to the rear.
 Alexander could wait no longer and he and his Compatriots press forward on their right flank, but with mixed results.
Alexander manages to solidify his left flank, though Parmenion's cavalry falls back. 
 Alexander and his Compatriots continue to press forward on the Macedonian right flank.
 Let the die decide. Another Persian spear is flanked and defeated as the Persian chariots fail to sustain traction against the Sarissa Phalanx..
 The Compatriots continue to move forward, but the rest of the Macedonian right flank stalls.
 The Macedonian center holds firm, while Parmenion's cavalry continues to fall back.
 Darius continues to evade while the Macedonian center solidifies.
 Success on Alexander's right wing 
 The Macedonian left wing holds firm.
 Alexander and the Compatriots, supported by their javelin cavalry seize their right flank and the battle.

A very hard fought victory for Alexander at "the Camel's House"

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

No Paint Armies take the table for the first time

Tonight's Battle of Gaugamela/Arbela will be using my needlepoint mesh No Paint Armies and using the Triumph! rules set played on an old canvas battlefield. Enjoy the photos. Remember, photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.  Battle report to follow in the next few days. 

                                             Alexander                                      Darius III

                                         Macedonian Sarissa Phalanx and supporting Auxiliary