Tuesday, December 5, 2017

No Paint Armies Primer

   I am a 68 year old gamer. My eyesight, even with magnification, and hand aren't what they used to be. Painting armies is no longer a pleasant part of my gaming hobby (was it ever ? ). I am also retired, which makes me cautious with my finances. But, I remember back to when I started in this hobby, when 54mm figures were imported and conveniently primed with black and white primers. In fact, they were probably used more in that state then when they were finally beautifully painted. "Get them on the table and let's play."  Yes, I have a very nice collection of painted 15mm figures for AWI, ECW, ACW, and DBA/Triumph!, as well as 25mm fantasy armies and smaller scale WW2 and Modern. But, you know, I still want to die with the most toys 8-) I'm retired and a widower, so I have time to expand my hobby interests. Hence, No Paint Armies (NPA). [Remember photos can be enlarged by clicking on them]
     I recently found some new Needlepoint plastic mesh in Gunmetal, Silver, Gold and Copper. Still haven't found gray or olive mesh for my No Paint Armies.  How to cut Needlepoint plastic mesh figures.
     No Paint Armies can also be made from repurposed Risk (tm) replacement parts, which can be found inexpensively on Ebay, at Goodwill stores, yard sales, or second hand stores.

 Risk (tm) 2003 replacement parts (above). Blue, Red, White, Green, Yellow/Gold, Dark gray. Tricornes and flags.
Risk (tm)1998 Replacement parts (above). Black, Blue, Red, Gray, Yellow, Green. Shakos and kneeling infantry.

   Quick and easy Napoleonic No Paint Armies. Red (British), Blue (French), White/light Gray (Austrians), Green (Russians), Black/Dark Gray (Prussians), Yellow/Gold (German states).

                   Testing various mounting methods for use with The Portable Wargame rules set.

    The 1998 Risk (tm) figures are approximately 10 mm and the 2003 figures are approximately 15 mm, while the Needlepoint mesh armies are approximately 6 mm. Both sets of Risk (tm) figures contain 40 infantry, 12 cavalry, and 8 artillery figures per color.
     Cost comparison: A Needlepoint mesh army costs under $1.00, and the best I've done so far for a Risk (tm) replacement army is $1.34 with free shipping (but on average around $2.00).

                   Risk(tm) is a trademark of Hasbro. I remember who paid me royalties  8-) 


  1. Hi,
    I just found your blog via TMP. I guess we're birds of a feather--I'm 67, and not wild about painting, either. (I did manage to compensate for my fading eyesight with "close-up" glasses I bought for a pittance at a drug store.) I generally confine my best painting efforts now to games involving
    relatively few figures, such as Malifaux, which are actually a joy to paint because they are so well done.

    Best regards,

    Chris Johnson

  2. Hi Chris, glad to meet a "bird of a feather" and glad you found us. Lots here to discover, unfortunately nothing on Malifaux. Welcome, and feel free to share your gaming experiences.

    all the best,