Friday, June 7, 2013

Map of the "One Kingdom"

A rainy day, some free time and a discovery in an old file cabinet. A map of my original and only campaign called the "One Kingdom".  And yes I was an original member of Judges Guild.  Thanks to Bob and Bill at JG I became a better fanzine publisher.  Such pleasant memories on a rainy day. Happy to share.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sad news

I just read that Allan Calhamer, creator of the game 'Diplomacy,' died this past week. 'Diplomacy' is among the seminal games of my life and many of the great names in gaming, such as John Boardman and Gary Gygax. Play by mail(PBM)gaming began for me with 'Diplomacy'. Among the first gaming magazine subscriptions I had was to Diplomacy World, that contained articles by many of the pioneers of game design. And, imagine a game that required no dice. I'm sure Allan will be missed by family and friends, but his work will live on and be played by gamers for generations to come. Thank you Allan Calhamer.

Interview with Random Wizard

This weekend I did an email interview with the Random Wizard blog on my gaming experiences.