Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nieuport Tri

I tend to leave the hardest for last. So the last to be constructed and primed (though it will remain white with a light gray camouflage) was the cantilevered Nieuport Triplane. Yikes, this was deconstructed more times than I care to think about. The other Tris were a bear, as was getting the Fokker tails decent looking, but this plane was the worst.

Of course, upon announcing the construction phase was finally over, my dear wife reminded me that I hadn't done a Russian plane. So the last plane done was actually a Nieuport with the gun over the top wing. Comrade Krebikov flies again.

Curse you Ken Van Pelt. We will meet someday at dawn over the Western Front.


  1. Glad to have been of inspiration. What's that behind you coming out of the sun!!!

    RAT-A-TAT-TAT-TAT..........You are SO strafed!!!!

  2. I tip my wing to you. Nice aircraft!