Saturday, May 5, 2012

Clothes pin Air Force

When life brings you rain, use your clothes pins to make WW I planes. About time I came up with my own inspirational quote. Inspired by Kenneth Van Pelt at the Penny Whistle, I decided to design and make my own WW I planes. An heirloom for my grandson, Eric (I'm sure he wouldn't mind me playing with them for a few more years).
   Now for some technical clothes pin jargon. First on the left is a square "No roll clothespins" available at most craft stores. Next is a "doll pin" also available at most craft stores. Next is what I call a button clothes pin (semi-old fashion model) found in our clothes pin bag (or on the internet). Finally on the right is the classic old fashioned clothes pin, also from our clothes pin bag (more expensive but found on internet).
     Now cut the heads off the "dolls head", button (only used for my version of the Eindecker), and classic (far right) clothes pins. The classic is used primarily for making the German Albatross. The square works for the S.E. 5A,  the Fokker D7 and other square nosed planes. The headless "doll pins" works on most other planes, such as the Triplanes, Sopwiths and some Nieuports. For an excellent guide to all WW I aircraft check out here . Also "Image Googling" any aircraft by name will get a wide variety of images.
     Some Jumbo Wood sticks, mixed circles, and dowels and a glue gun (all available at most craft stores) and Voila.

Now where did I put my paint brushes ? Stoke up the printer we need some plane markings.

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