Monday, April 16, 2012

Early Hoplites 2 different scales & techniques

left to right. Spartan Hair roller army, Plastic mesh #7 Spartan army, Athenian Plastic Mesh #7 army, Hair roller Athenians.

1/8 inch paper punch and card stock provides shields for the #7 Plastic mesh Athenians on the left. Original hair roller Athenians on right.

Psiloi to the front. #7 Plastic mesh on left, hair roller Athenians on right.
Spartan Hordes to the forefront. Hair roller Spartans on left, #7 Plastic mesh on right.

Scale comparison. Left original hair roller army (2 or 3mm ?), middle is #7 Needlecraft plastic mesh with cardstock shields (6mm ?), 15mm Marian Romans on the right.

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