Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Comparing the size of Needlecraft Plastic Mesh armies

On the left with the red shields are the Late Eastern Romans done with #10 Needlecraft Plastic Mesh. On the right are the Early Hoplite Spartans with the black shields, using #7 Needlecraft Plastic Mesh.. The red shields were done with a 1/16 paper punch & card stock. The black shields were done with a 1/8 paper punch.  Placing of shields is accomplished with the smallest pot stickers I had. An interesting technique to pick up, flip and place.

I know the Romans should have rectangular shields, but I was unable to cut out that shape, that small and opted for the round paper punch approach. Though, I'm experimenting with excess strips from the plastic mesh.

Time to clean up the armies with spot painting, shields, flags and dullcote-ing.

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  1. It just keeps getting, better, Rick. Well done, friend!