Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The Road to Kyiv (1240)

H-V bows above the village on the left. Mongols on right side of board.

Cossacks hold down the Halych-Volhynia flanks on the left.

Bows taking heavy damage but manage to drive off the Mongols

The Mongols are temporarily slowed, but the Siege of Kyiv awaits.

Testing out some new experimental WARG rules, using a playing card activation system. The board has 2 inch squares and consisted of a 9 by 9 playing area (allowing division of the battlefield of left, right flanks and Center for the activation system) The battle was balanced for gaming purposes and provided a challenging afternoon. Used my 2mm painted granny grate armies which used DBA basing. 

Order of Battle:

 Mongols: 6 cavalry (w bows)

2 heavy cavalry (1 leader, Batu Khan)

Halych-Volhynia: 4 light infantry (bows)

1 Cavalry (leader, Danylo of Halych)

2 light horse (elites, Cossacks)

1 Infantry (Spears)

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