Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The irrational defense of Minas One

                                              The red dragon bides its time
The red dragon flies to the center.
             The Dwarven catapults inflict some damage to the Skeletons on the flank.
            The dragon's breath misses but sets a portion of the battlefield ablaze
                   The dwarves have initial success against the Orc Commander
The dwarves form for battle while the dragon waits
The dragon descends
                                       The dragon begins clawing & biting
As the dwarves retreat from the battlefield, defeated.

I had this idea. I thought it might be a good one. Let's add a dragon to our fantasy battle. Well, the battle was fun. Everything was fine until the red dragon decided to participate.

                     So its time to rethink the original WARG fantasy rules  8-)

         The victorious forces 

Dwarven catapult

OoB:                                                    Orcs

2 Skeleton Light Infantry
2 Skeleton Light Cavalry
2 Skeleton Bows
2 Orc regular infantry
1 Orc regular command
1 Troll unit
1 Red Dragon


2 catapults
2 crossbows
5 regular infantry
1 Dwarven Command (Bix the almost Bold)
2 spears

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