Thursday, July 11, 2019

Race to the Potomac

Playtesting Rick's Simple rules with a brigade size scenario based on the insurgents retreat from Gettysburg with the very generous donation of goods from the farmers of central Pennsylvania.

Union deployment
The Confederacy

                                      Dismounted cavalry fire on each other on the flank
Confederate brigade supply train is turned back from their effort to reach the Potomac.

Rules need some fine tuning and the scenario needs additional work. But, a very enjoyable evening !

Will be using playing card activation next time, as all that rain and mud caused a lot of Regimental failure to activate.  


  1. The "Simple" part of Rick's Simple Rules caught my eye--are these to be had anywhere?

    Best regards,

    Chris Johnson

    1. Rick's Simple Rules have been replaced by Rick's Very Simple and Very, very simple rules 8-) They currently reside on just 1 sheet. And, they continue to evolve. As they are a distillation of numerous game systems from the past and present, I doubt whether I will make them publicly available.