Thursday, January 10, 2019

Battle of Quebec 1759 with No Paint Armies

Our battle, The Battle of Quebec 1759, will be using the 2003 Risk (tm) replacement figures (tricornes) and modifying Stephen D Smith's scenario from the Junior General website.

 British (red) bottom of picture, French (white) at top of photo.

 French (white) right flank, British (red) left flank
 The Center
 French left flank, British right flank
 French (white) charge on their right flank
 French take casualties and retreat from melee

 British continue to destroy Montcalm's French on the French right flank
 The French exchange casualties with Wolfe's British in the Center
 The French right flank also takes heavy casualties

 General Montcalm tries to retreat to Quebec 

The British army seizes the Plain of Abraham from the retreating French. Unlike history, both generals do survive this battle recreation. However, like the actual battle this was a decisive victory for the British under General James Wolfe.

With some common sense modifications to the rules and scenario (agreed to by both participants) this battle provided an entertaining and fun evening with the No Paint Armies. 


  1. I suppose it would be churlish to point out that the national flags for both sides would have been different in 1759 :-D