Thursday, May 14, 2020

Take Two, ECW 1643

 Royalist initiative, Trained Horse advance across field 
 Royalist initiative, Artillery takes hit, while Raw Shot holds off Royalist advance
 Royalist initiative, though Parliaments Raw Shot offers strong resistance on the ridge
 Royalist initiative, as they overwhelm the ridge on turn 5
 Royalist initiative, Royalist Shot advances while Horse repositions itself to advance on the village.
Parliament initiative, and their Trained Shot bloodies the Royalist Horse Command before falling back through the village

A Royalist victory. With persistent Royalist initiative keeping pressure on raw troops in a precarious position, the Parliamentary force did well to delay the Royalist advance for as long as it did. And, there was no random event to shake things up.

                                                    Parliamentary Pike & Shot Units


  1. Looking at your bases, I was wondering how you depict pike & shot units please.

    1. Kaptain, I added photo of Pike & Shot units for ECW above.

    2. Thanks. How do they sit in a single square? One base behind the other?

    3. Yes, one base behind the other. Your scenario was the first time I have used shot without pike