Thursday, September 19, 2019

Revisiting Lion Rampant

Frank decided to use his BattleLore board with a modified version of the Lion Rampant rules.  
 The forces of Eldoria (top, North) await the arrival of the Peoples Republic of Sarcasm

 The PRoS Spears seize the woods on their left flank with eyes on the hill to the North 
 Despite hesitation to enter battle the Spears finally seize the heights. 
Eldorian mounted and foot hold their own in the center, but take loses from bows on the flank 
With their flank turned and heavy losses to their main column, the army of Eldoria retreats from battle.

                                                         Prince Codyarf  vows revenge.

I love any chance to play using the BattleLore board and terrain. Nice size hexes and simple terrain for a miniatures battle. Looking to experiment with a rules set using cards and a zone activation in the future.   

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