Thursday, January 11, 2018

Wooden blocks & Plastic men without Mr. Borg 8-)

Back from the holidays and playing the H.G. Wells classic "Battle of Hook's Farm"  using  the Portable Wargame rules against my usual opponent, Frank. The Lego buildings were replaced with buildings made from wooden blocks Christmas gifted to myself and the Plastic Men are from my Risk replacement Army collection. 

 Church (white) and Barn/Farm (red) other buildings are houses.

 Back and forth action on the flanks
 Initial success by red at the church
 Flanks remain back and forth but Red solidifies the center

Victory for Red after seizing both the church (white) and barn (red). 
                                        A final view of the battlefield in a very close battle.


  1. Aside from giving the other side a good drubbing, is there a specific objective in the Hook's Farm battle?

  2. A reminder that Great Wars are "the most blundering of all things"