Monday, December 13, 2010

Original 25mm Empire of the Petal Throne Miniatures

While searching through "the old gaming closet" I came across these original 25mm Empire of the Petal Throne miniatures. They were painted with the then new Heritage water based paints. Unfortunately, some one "borrowed" a stand of archers.  I wish I still had the package they came in, as I remember it being quite graphically well done.

Anyone remember the manufacturer's name  and anyone interested in buying these ?


  1. Depending upon how old they are they could be by Old Guard or Ral Partha. After that I think Tekumel Games *may* have carried them, before PHD Games took over the old moulds.

    When I was a kid, I used to drool over pictures of these guys in Wargamer's Digests "Reviews" section.

    Howard Fielding
    The Tekumel Project

  2. Thanks Howard. Definitely not Ral Partha. They are from 74 or 75 and the package top contained copies of Barker's Tekumel illustrations on a pink background, if memory serves me....

  3. The package may be the one O posted here;


  4. It is indeed the William Murray package. Great job on IDing these relics of EPT. Thanks David !!!